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Forget about Super Sunday. This is Super Tuesday.

You have voted on the website, you are eagerly anticipating the critically acclaimed and soon to be released major motion picture event of the Millenium and now can read how the madness all began!

Brought to you by Manch-7 Publications, for the first time in print: "Everything You Never Wanted To Know About The Mancunian Candidate But Were Afraid to Ask Because You Knew It Would Be Forced Down Your Throat Anyway....Because, Deep Down, "You Dig It... You Little Freak!"

Go inside the minds of the creators; what makes them tick? What brought them to the brink of total chaos? Who inspired them? Find out how the candidates were chosen and what they have to say about this whole mess (in their own words!)

See (if you dare!) what goes on behind the scenes at the Mancunian Candidate Headquarters: the thrills, the madness, the tampering of votes...... 16 pages of never before seen photos (movie outtakes, campaign parties, fundraisers, and a very rare picture of the creators themselves!

Well, you wanted MORE! And boy, do you have it! As one of the campaign slogans says: "Be careful what you wish for!"

And if you are one of the first to order this limited edition book (in the next 5 minutes-by logging on the website: The Chump Who Humped The Stump) you will also receive the "The Musical Companion" absolutely free!!!! This audiotape has some of the best ass-stomping music around. So come on, what are you waiting for? This truly interactive phenomenon which mesmerized Britain is finally available stateside. Don't be the last on your block to find out all about the lads on the rock!

Price: Only 20.01 Euros

plus 19.00 Euros shipping and mishandling

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