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Let's just say this. Liam is winning by a landslide.

I did not have sex with that woman!!! Liam Gallagher: 104 votes

Davy Jones, the Mad Monkee: 20 votes

Fidel Castro: 7 votes (Maybe this is why U.S. Citizens will finally be able to go to Cuba - but it will only happen if Bushie Boy signs the legislation.

Theodore Roosevelt: 5 votes

These are very revealing statistics. Please send your thoughts to:

Franco Americono (pronounced Cone-Yo).

But first please read these words from our founding fathers....

This is the Gospel....I mean the real Gospel.

David Jones hard at work on the campaign trail, pressing the flesh. The following is just the kind of thing we love to get:

Subject: "remove - you fucken flamers, I was there, and done that; enough already, show some respect for your elders and otherwise wizened gurus.......say "goodnight gracie!"

Thanks Jerks! Assholes forever!!!!


Ou est Stereo Total?!!


He's the man. Let's raise a cold glass of gravy with a hair in it to Davy!

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