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This is where we translate those words that may seem strange to you. On the links page, you will find a handy translation tool which can provide hours of amusement. Just type in the address for this Web page, then choose "English to Spanish" (or Spanglish to Engish) and laugh away.

A.P.C. - aka Anti Politically Correct!!

We are sick and tired of having to explain this one. No it is not politically incorrect, as that suggests that you said something APC by accident. APC is deliberate. As future Dictator Tots, we will declare war on Political Correctness.

Avida Dollars

Avida Dollars is the name that Andre Breton made up for Salvador Dali. It means, greedy for Dollars and is an anagram of Salvador Dali.


Yes it was another wacky day in Rio back in January of 1993, when we tried to explain to the locals why we thought it was funny that there was a subway stop called "Botofogo". "No no, it's Butta-FOO-co!!!", we cried to no avail. We were absolutely astounded to learn that the Joey Buttafuco/Amy Fisher case was absolutely unheard of outside of the USA.

Since we were there for the Big Nirvana show (They were playing at "Holly Wood-Gee" Rock - actually spelled "Hollywood"), we were impressed at the Carioca pronunciation of the band's name which was something like "NEEERCK-Vana!!". All night at dinner, the entire conversation consisted of "Butta-FOO-co!!!" and "Neeerck-VANA!!!"

For those in the know, click on "Buttafuco" to find out what Joey has been doing since.


We realize you may be wondering who Cobi is. No he is not a cubist. We have provided a photo which was obtained by our roving papparazzi photographer. To see it, just click on the word Cobi. When we first saw Cobi we were in Barcelona in 1991. At first we hated him. 24 hours later we embraced him as our savior. He provided hours of amusement. Cobi can be an adjective or a noun. Sometimes it can even be a verb (as in "to Cobi out").

We have a lot to say about Cobi so we will provide the links below

Click here to find out how you can attain "Cobi Nirvana"

Click here for a biography of our "Savior"

Now that you have read the required Dead Sea Scrolls on the subject, do you get it?

If not, click on this link. This says it all.

You will be tested on this, for his name is entering the language. One dictionary said it meant "creep". If that is true, Nixon would have said "I am not a Cobista!!!" We found an article which uses the word in a sentence. Unless you speak Spanish, get out your handy BabelFish translator and click on: definition of Cobista.


Although this word was derived from the rap artists, it came to refer to the mostly Dominican kitchen workers at a restaurant we used to frequent in New York (as well as the products we purchased from them). We could tell you more, but then we would have to kill you. Short form: "Schnicken". Sorry, but we couldn't find any interesting Fu-Schnicken related sites for you to click on. Therefore, we have linked to the lyrics of Punjabi MC instead.


We bet you were wondering what he was doing hanging around the Walrus and the Carpenter. It took us six years to track his picture down (and we can't put it here, so you will have to click on Futex and scroll to the bottom of the page). You would think Futex would be everywhere because he wants so badly to be just like Cobi. But alas, not everyone is in that league.


Towelie is the closest we have gotten to cobi in a long time. The merchandising is not as insane, but we did manage to get the talking plush Towelie, who admonishes us to always pack a towel, because you don't know where those hotel towels have been. Sadly, the "I Hate Towelie" T-shirt was not available.

We should send Towelie to Iraq wearing an "I Rocky II" T-shirt.

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